Saturday, April 25, 2009

My pet Rabbit

Last week my Dad bought me a rabbit for my 7th birthday. I have named her Laura
and she is a young bunny only a few months old. I like to play with her and she is always jumping around. We have let let out of the cage but she is only allowed in the sitting room.

She also eats a lot of salad and baby rabbit food known as "Rody Junior" which makes her go to the toilet a lot. We are training her to go toilet in her litter tray but it is not easy.

I love my rabbit she is my new friend. I play with her everyday.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bratz Pixie Power - Book Review

It started in the chemistry class when a raven flew in and out again grabbing Dylan’s rucksack. It is a mischievous story.

My school results

K kangaroo

I did this poster for my Evaluation at school.

We asked some questions about animals and could write funny or interesting answers.

Above: Why do kangaroos have pockets?
I said:
To park his car!
To hide when he plays hide and seek!
He keeps his snack there!
And he uses it as a handbag!

Ha Ha Ha!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Take a look – graffiti is not good!

There is a lot of graffiti in this world, especially in Marseille. I saw graffiti on the walls and benches at the local park where I live and then I saw some on walls beside my school. I see it everywhere, every day.

You cannot take graffiti off unless you have the special removing liquid. The people that do the graffiti are very selfish. I wish they would think before they did it.

In Paris there are graffiti police who try to eliminate the graffiti just after it’s done. They work all day and all night driving around the City cleaning graffiti off.

I don’t like seeing graffiti because it’s dirty and often objects are damaged from it. Buildings don’t look neat and tidy after they have been spoiled like this.

Please stop the graffiti!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This is my gappy hole in my mouth where I just lost my other front tooth - As you can see!?